Basic Meditation Principles

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"The easiest way to learn how to meditate online"

Do you have an extremely busy mind?

Is it hard to sit with your legs crossed? Have you failed at meditation before? 

If you answered YES then you will love this meditation training, because it was designed with you in mind. 

You will learn all of the essential meditation principles needed to start benefitting from meditating right away, and to begin a solid daily practice that you actually look forward to doing every day.  

Ready for better sleep, less anxiety, and more energy?

The course is excellent. I like how there was not a lot of "fluff" and all the information was valuable and relevant. I also liked the incremental approach.  

Kim Higdon, Dayton, OH

Sample clips from the course:

It's super E.A.S.Y.

This course consists of watching only one short video a day over four consecutive days, and doing the homework meditations in between. 

...and you won't be left hanging

I'll take you from complete beginner status to expert by the end of the training. Afterwards, you'll get regular tips and reminders from me as well as answers to all of your questions.

Light's online course helped me engrain meditation in my everyday life almost immediately.

Kaiti Vartholomaios, Athens

You'll also get:

  •  A special bonus gift directly from me, PLUS
  •  Regular accountability emails
  •  Access to the videos for the life of the course
  •  Email support 
  •  Access to our private Facebook group

All-inclusive investment for the meditation course and ongoing support:

$3000 $197

Understand: there is NOTHING arbitrary about meditation. 

Those who say you don't need a meditation technique or that "there is no right or wrong way to meditate" simply don't know what they're talking about. It's like saying there is no correct way to swim. Tell that to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps!

This is by far the most comprehensive and intuitive meditation course on the market. What makes it unique is that it was designed by an actual meditation teacher, not an internet marketer, or a life coach, but someone who has spent over 10,000 hours teaching people how to meditate; someone who understands how the average beginner learns and masters the art of meditating in the quickest amount of time.

The training is a gradual stepwise process. It will not overwhelm you with information. All of the lessons can stream right to your device, where you can watch at your convenience and practice from anywhere. It's SO simple, intuitive, and concise. I've distilled this ancient knowledge down to the ESSENTIALS for becoming a self-sufficient meditator.

Why this is the most comprehensive meditation course online?

I don't just teach you how to meditate. I go a step further, and provide you with something that no other course can offer: follow-up support from real people that are expert meditators in the technique you will learn. And what you'll quickly find is that having an expert that you can reach out to directly with questions will make all of the difference in meditation being something you tried for a few weeks, versus something you practice daily for the rest of your life.

Why learn meditation with me?

I've been all-in on meditation for about 15 years, first as a daily practitioner, then as a full-time teacher, back when hardly anyone I knew was meditating. I've trained all kinds of people from all walks of life how to master the art of meditating in the quickest amount of time—even people with busy minds and busy schedules have become daily meditators. I already know what obstacles a brand new meditator will face, and how best to set you up for success.

Most importantly, I know and appreciate from experience the value of ongoing support. I received a high level of support from my meditation teacher, and it made all the difference in me being a committing to a daily practice versus being a meditation dabbler. Without the support, I would still be struggling to turn meditation into a daily habit.

If you're serious about becoming a daily meditator...

You will need ongoing support in your practice. It's an invaluable, necessary component for success. You need to have someone with an intimate and fundamental understanding of the mental terrain and the expertise in a structured meditation technique to help mentor you through the process whenever questions arise. And you will have questions. Lots of them. Without sufficient answers, there's a high probability that you're not going to stick with your meditation practice. Or, that you'll lead yourself astray with shoddy guesswork, which may result in your meditations feeling unnecessarily hard and tedious.

One more thing...

Whether you have a busy mind or not, you will be in great hands. You don't need to know anything prior to learning. In fact, the less you think you know, and the more you are open to a new perspective on meditation, the better the course is going to work for you. The course and the practice are both super E.A.S.Y. (you'll understand how once you start the course). To get trained, all you need to do is register, and then you will watch one short video a day for 4 days, plus you'll have a homework meditation practices in between. I will be taking you from complete beginner status to expert status by the end of this relatively short course, and once you begin meditating, you're life will never be the same.

All-inclusive investment for the meditation course and ongoing support:

$3000 $197*

*This training comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

Light has become one of the most prominent faces and voices of meditation in these modern times.

As a long-time daily practitioner of meditation, he walks the talk. Light has been operating in the meditation space for 15 years as a practitioner and for 10 years as a teacher of Vedic Meditation, which is a pre-eminent “householder” style of meditation from India.

He has taught close to 2,000 people meditation in his live meditation courses, and has reached tens of thousands more through his book, The Inner Gym, his online courses, and through his articles, which have been shared more than 100,000 times. Light continues to teach public, private, and corporate meditation around the globe to an array of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and business leaders.

Light has led mass meditations for thousands of people at festivals, plus he’s given over 500 public meditation talks all over the world, spreading the message of meditation as a key tool for creating inner happiness for busy urban professionals.

Light’s take on meditation is unique from the fray in several ways. He believes:

  •  Meditation shouldn’t require any discipline
  •  The position that most people assume when meditating works against them
  •  Most people handle thoughts in a backwards way during meditation
  •  Meditation studies don’t tell the full story about the real-world benefits
  •  The idea that there is no correct way to meditate is misleading
  •  Ongoing support is essential for long-term success in meditation
  •  When done properly, meditation can actually feel easy and fun

Course Cirriculum

Introduction: Start Here - 09:19

Introduction: Special Instructions

Introduction: Introduction to the Course

Lesson One: The Basics - 39:53

Lesson One: Special Instructions

Lesson One: The Basics

Lesson One: FAQs

Lesson Two: Understanding the Mind - 16:33

Lesson Two: Special Instructions

Lesson Two: Understanding the Mind

Lesson Two: FAQs

Lesson Three: Nature of the Body - 20:55

Lesson Three: Special Instructions

Lesson Three: Nature of the Body

Lesson Three: FAQs

Lesson Four: Reintegration - 18:59

Lesson Four: Special Instructions

Lesson Four: Reintegration

Lesson Four: FAQs

This online program was easy to do, full of golden wisdom and worth the time to add this to my lifestyle! I highly recommend Light’s program to everyone! Meditation is one of the missing tools in our over-stressed, out of balance modern world! It brings me back to my peaceful inner world and keeps my intuition on the ready to be my best when supporting people with health and lifestyle challenges. 

Jesse Bogdanovich, Prague

I now have a basic understanding of meditation, and am ecstatic that this has been presented in such a simple, easy to understand method, where I can incorporate it into my every day life, whether I am at home, at work, on the train, in the park, or anywhere!

Alyona Kobevka, Melbourne

I actually lowered my blood pressure a little so far with the meditations. I suspect it will even get lower the more I do it.

Brian Hansley, Wilmington, NC

I love the support provided by Light! It's literally just one step at a time and he makes you so comfortable and easy with the course. He is the perfect teacher who helps clear the doubts and sets your mind at ease. One thing is for sure, your spirit journey definitely begins here!

Kalpita Mistry, Johannesburg

The cadence was ideal. It easily fit in with my schedule. One lesson a day was on target and the time delay on future lessons keeps the pace easy. 

Drew Moore, New York

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